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Wiring Diagrams
for Cars & Pickup Trucks Electrical Circuits

car wiring diagram

Wiring Diagrams For Most All Car & Truck Circuits

From Shorted Circuitry to Wiring Replacement,
We're here to help get you back on the road.

The right wiring schematics will make all the difference when the job is done and it's time to test your repairs. There are a few different options when electrical trouble arises in your vehicle. Your first inclination is to call a repair shop only to hear that they can get you in, but in a week and a half. That's not an option, since you have to have your car to get to work. Your second choice is to call your brother-in-law that works on his own car, so he must be able to work on yours, too. Who said?

Then, you get a brainstorm: You ask the guy at work, who you heard saying that he repaired his own car, if he could show you how he did it . . .and then, he pulls out a wiring diagram printed on a sheet of common paper, and explains "what we're lookin' at".

Suddenly, it hit me . . .I could see the whole thing in my mind as soon as he said that the little square on the paper that all of the wiring was going into was "the radio". My next thought was, "THAT's how they're doin' it . . .as I also saw that all vehicle wiring is color-coded, matching what was represented on the diagram."

The more I stared at that diagram, the more I understood about it without anyone ever saying one more word to me about it. I, now, have to apply what I've just noticed to my own circumstance and repair the tail lights on my OWN car.

It was nearly impossible to find a tail light wiring diagram for my particular because there was just no known place to acquire one. Then, it occurred to me that a repair shop HAS to have access to wiring diagrams, so, I approached the one down the street from my home and low and behold, they printed me one off and handed it to me. I offered to pay him for it and he said that this one was on the house. He just wanted me to bring the car to him if I couldn't fix it.
That was a deal to me.

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