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Wiring Schematics Save Time & Money on Electrical Repairs

(Continued from 1st Page) - I took the wiring schematic (diagram) home and began studying it. As I traced around the lines on the paper, which were representative of each wire that made my tail lights burn, I came across the fuse in the fusebox of the car that relayed the power to the wiring.

KAPOW! It again hit me that this could be the answer to my problem, went to the fusebox and looked until I found the tail lights fuse, pulled it, and found the fuse 'blown'. The fuse was bad. I went to Autozone and bought a small packet of 15 amp fuses and replaced the bad one in my fusebox. I, then, turn the light switch to the "ON" position, walked around to the back of my car and, "YES!" I had tail lights! I knew at that moment that I had fixed it.

I encourage ANYONE with an electrical fault in their vehicle to stop and realize that it is in their power to repair it.

All you need is the proper wiring diagram and follow the circuit until you find the fault. You can do it!

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Circuit Diagrams Are a Must-Have for Troubleshooting

Wiring Schematics Are All-Inclusive Wiring Diagrams

Once you have attained the correct wiring diagram(s), you should study it and realize how it relates to your own situation and repair. You can start by comparing what the diagram is showing you for the circuit it represents. First, locate the power source to the component you are having to service. Test, with a continuity light, to be sure your component is receiving the power it needs to operate correctly. Secondly, test that your component has the proper ground needed for proper operation. Verifying presence or absence in either of these signals will be your starting point for repairing the malfunction.

12.78 Battery Voltage

Power the Work Light

Find Problem Location

Locate Electrical Fault

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